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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Doing a preliminary W&B for tommorow mornings flight I came to the sudden realization that the plane I was given is a 152 with long range tanks.

I had asked for my plane to be fueled to half tanks for weight consideration, but when I suddenly realised that I was going to be flying a 152 with the long range tanks, that added a sudden moment of concern.

Will it be fueled to "Half long range", or "Half standard"?

If it's fueled to half long range, that means there would be an extra 6 gallons of fuel that I needed to acount for.

That amount of fuel weighs 36 Pounds more....which would put us about 30 Pounds over gross - a no fly situation.

A quick call to CFA revealed that it will be fueled to "Half standard", meaning 12 gallons. Whew!

I will be carefully dipping in the morning to make sure that this is indeed where it is fueled, and that I'll be legally within gross weights, but I don't anticipate any issues.

On the flipside, this change will put me flying one of the 152's that I havn't flown in quite a while, so it will be a refreshing change.

And as of now, the Muskoka flight is sheduled tommorow as well. Richard is meeting me at YOO at 10AM, and my wife is providing the drive north to YQA.

I chatted with Richard a little on the phone this evening and learned a little more about his Aircraft, a Lake LA40. (There a pic posted a few blog entries back). It seems like an extremely interesting aircraft given it's amphibious overhead-pusher configuration.

Anyhow, tommorows blog entry will be a whopper, I'm sure.

Off to bed...6AM comes early, and my reservation is for 7.


At 3/05/2006 05:01:00 PM , Anonymous charlietango said...

I think I might have seen him/ you guys! There was a Lake behind me in the circuit this afternoon, and earlier in the day I had spotted one parked at the north end of the ramp. I hope you made it up to Muskoka today with him! It's a nice airport to fly to. It was nice for flying today too, kinda bumpy below 3500', but beautiful. I was heading out to Barrie myself but I lost one of my slots when another student had troubles with his plane. I had three hours booked; I was happy to share :).


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